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 Since 2015 we made it our mission to end the social media struggle.

Hi there! I’m Pat, 
founder of ImigCommunications

Organic Traffic

+42% vs last 6 mths

Cost Per Lead

-12% vs last 6 mths

With Pat and the team at Imig Communications we got the recognition we deserved! Locally and nationally, it was what we needed and our business has never been the same.”

Karmen - Owner

The Blue Duck STL

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Data driven media services for complete

content development.

Empower your passion, grow your bottom line.

Data Driven Social Media & Content Marketing

A Full Service Marketing Company Driven By People, Not Robots.

Data driven marketing efforts start with knowing who you are, not what you need to purchase. While the power of automation is yours to own, there is nothing on the web existing without a content strategy.

Our Services help businesses focus on their brand, not technology.

Full Service - Growth

Serious about growth? Let’s strategize and optimize. Custom content, weekly campaigns your customers love, and reports (you don’t mind getting) every month.
Your going to love what’s included in our full scale web development services!


Content Marketing

 It doesn’t matter if you are local brick n mortar, a national brand, or looking for growth in a niche market. Every brand needs content to compete. It’s what makes the web work for everyone. Let’s strategize Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, and more.

Grow Social Media With


Our clients love us because we understand the impact their passion brings to their customers. Meet a network of digital all-stars and join us to jumpstart your success.

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Customer Satisfaction

Strategy & Goals

We don’t start without knowing  the mission. Our priority and focus is on how we help you thrive. Reactive tactics are thrown to the side,
we start with the end in mind.

Audits & Planning

After pulling data sets and learning your aspirations we simplify measurement. Insights are shared in a report to update your progress and identify where we can help you improve.

Design & Implement

 We design and place your content. Copywriting, media, and Google meta data is evaluated at no extra charge to you. We execute and adjust according to impact.

Test & Report

Using digital tools and experience of running over 1,000 campaigns we identify more opportunities. From there we build your marketing systems brick by brick, ASAP.

Social Marketing, Google Marketing e-Commerce. We Have Your Back.

Marketing media and business technology should interconnect to create a living, breathing experience. At the end of your plan it’s about what your customers can advocate for, not the other way around.

It’s not enough to be invested in your marketing plan. We invest in who your customers are, painting the picture & providing the experience for them through content, strategy & execution.

Personalized Website Content Your Customers Love

Most will caution that SEO, Google My Business, or AdWords is a long-term investment, we don’t disagree. While you can pay anyone to play in this market, our service and technical expertise when it comes to sales is what sets us apart.

We don’t sell marketing, we sell expert marketing for your brand and offerings. Where most sell a one-size-fits-all service, we tailor our capabilities and our research to maximize production within your budget.

Studies show over 2/3rds of every transaction both
online or in store is influenced by Google

eCommerce Solutions Can Help
You Sell Like An Expert

When it comes to getting the most out of your online presence, a websites ability to connect can be everything. There aren’t just options, there are too many. This is where we have you covered, someone to quiet the noise and get you to the next step.

Every business can sell more online, let us help you make the call.

We had to find a way to market across all generations

If you want to grow your business, get people in the door, and increase your engagement on social media you need to work with Pat Imig.

Jeff Fitter


Super Smokers BBQ

He helped us achieve our goals at statewide levels to help ensure success

 Effective, high impact, and easy to execute. I would work with them time and time again to
achieve our goals.

Kelly Quinn

State Director

Best Buddies Charity

Are You Really Being Recognized?

It's essential for a business to connect with  customers through technology. When it comes to  creating authentic digital experiences our team doesn't just only rely on digital tricks. In a world of static and spam we want to help your marketing be recognized. Authentic content and communications builds trust and restores the brand's promise of what customers can count on.

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