Here’s Why The St. Louis Blues Won Game 4: Craig Berube’s Tie

Written by Pat Imig

Being a Saint Louis Blues fan can bring a lot of magic.

I was with friends and family enjoying the game and while we were feeling confident after our first goal I was still looking for a sign.

We had to confirm our feelings that this was indeed our game, and boy did we get it.

MVP Coach Craig Berube

The Blues were already up 1 -nothing and every fan was wondering two things.

1. Was this early goal a sign that our Blues were back on track?

2. Was O’ Reilly going to get his ass kicked in front of the refs the entire game?

As a whistle stopped play, we saw a shot of Berube standing on the bench and we noticed something:

Craig Berube was wearing the same tie he wore in Game 1, a game which the Blues won.

Was this a coincidence? Was this just a mistake of the wardrobe department?

No, this had to be bigger than that.

This was a deliberate appeal to the hockey karma Gods and we were going to let everyone know.

This had to be a deliberate choice to wear this tie.

Here’s my initial tweet:

We thought it was just a tie, we learned it was bigger than that.

The #rallytie was a movement.

My phone lit up as someone also noticed this “coincidence.”

I got a message that there was some action on my twitter… this was the work of a St. Louis Blues fan all the way in Colorado.

Who was this mystery Blues fan? I had to takea look at her timeline and know for sure that this wasn’t a bot…..or something.

I viewed her twitter feed and realized I had been outmatched. The #rallytie from game one had been called for after game 3.

From here I started to get the big picture.

Anyway, here is a sick goal from Jordan Kyrou that made us feel good.

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Pat Imig

Pat Imig is a marketer and entreprenuer from St. Louis Missouri. Before he started his own marketing company, he created content for publications such as Barstool Sports, InsideSTL & The Sporting News. He also hosted drive-time on CBS Sports Radio in St. Louis. He still bleeds Blue.