With a content marketing package, you are assured of continuity in creating and distributing content for your website. To use content marketing effectively, it is necessary to create continuity. This means that at least one new article must be posted on the blog every week. Ensuring this continuity takes a lot of time. We can assist you in this so that this time is kept minimum. However, it is necessary that you set aside at least one hour a week to coordinate things.


Worldwide there are about 3.2 billion people on social media. In other words: 42% of the world’s population! And this number is only growing. Even though Facebook is still the market leader at the moment, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok are also indispensable

If you do not (yet) have marketing enabled on these platforms, you are missing a lot of potentials! Because if you think to yourself, when do you use social media? Right, when you have nothing to do or want to have nothing to do. Just have fun scrolling. A perfect moment for companies and marketers to serve you an advertisement.

By doing this through advertisements or, for example, blogs, you are essentially engaged in content marketing. In this blog, we explain what

content marketing is why it is important and what social media content packages can do for your company.


A content marketing strategy is something that many companies struggle with. It is logical because it is one of the most important parts of the entire marketing plan. It covers so much: Blogs, podcasts, videos, images, infographics and much more. So it’s not ‘just done’. There is quite a bit to consider.

Especially writing blogs – and of course, sharing them on your social media! – is a frequently chosen tactic when it comes to content marketing. Almost every company blogs or outsources this. And that is very logical too. There are countless benefits to writing blogs:

By writing relevant blogs for your target group, you can share your knowledge with the outside world. With this, you help people and answer the questions they have about the specific topic.

By using the right keywords (also called keywords) in your blogs and social media hashtags, you will be found faster on these topics by your target group

You will be remembered! The better your content marketing is, the more relevant it is to your specific target audience. And so the better you can answer the questions they have, or solve the problems they have.

When people have clicked on your content marketing piece and it appeals to them, there is a good chance they will click through and end up on other pages of your website. An extra chance of conversion!

The use of social media

For example, when you blog about creating professional videos, your brain almost automatically assumes that you are an expert on that subject. And this creates trust!

Content marketing is a kind of domino. Every piece you publish is a step forward. That means that every article you write, or every post you place on social media, can bring you more visitors, reactions, conversions and assignments.

In other words: If you’re not into content marketing yet, what are you waiting for! it is better to ask when you are going to start rather than whether you will start. Of course, it is easier said than done to start with a content marketing strategy. There is quite a lot involved, such as mapping the target group, what they are interested in, and which social media platforms they can (often) be found. Fortunately, plenty of companies is happy to take over this for you by offering social media content packages or conducting preliminary research and setting up a strategy.

Content marketing, whether you outsource it and use social media content packages or not, depends on where your target audience is most active, so here are a few simple examples

If you are active in the business-to-business (B2B) sector, you can probably reach the largest part of your target group via LinkedIn or Twitter. These social media platforms are seen as the most ‘business’. They are therefore mainly used on standard working days between 9 and 5. You could, of course, still try it via Facebook, but there is a lot less chance that you will find them at a good time. Most activity on Facebook is outside working hours. Most people have had enough of working alone after work.

Many 50+ people are also active on social media. It is often limited to Facebook, though. You can also reach them outside of social media, but this is less attractive due to the higher prices of offline advertising or, for example, via radio or TV.

If you want to reach young people between 12 and 20 (or 25), the platforms Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and TikTok are very popular. This target group increasingly omits Facebook.

Of course, this is all relative, and it also depends on your product or service and the industry in which you operate. Still, it can help you set up a rough draft of a content marketing plan. For example, the image below from the Social media survey 2020 gives an idea on which you can focus.


You can choose to set up and execute your content marketing yourself, but you can also outsource it. It might be the most interesting initially to do it yourself. After all, you know what you want to write, and you have the most knowledge about it. Correct! However, you will soon realize that content marketing is involved, especially when you are active on multiple social media platforms or tell your story in multiple ways (blogs, podcasts, videos, etc.).

Buying different social media content packages may sound more interesting. This way, you can continue to focus on what you are good at, and you have experts who pick it up and implement it for you. Because even within content marketing, there are optimal working methods and things that you should not forget. Points that you may not (yet) know anything about. Because how do you ensure that the search engines pick you up? How about a call to action? How do the algorithms of the different social media platforms work? What’s the best tactic to get the most engagement (likes, comments)?

Outsourcing content marketing doesn’t sound so crazy. Plus, by outsourcing, you can quickly scale up when there’s a busy period and scale down when you’re calmer. Handy if, for example, you have extra turnover during the summer months or Christmas! That is why our packages are easy to cancel.



Do you want to be visible with video monthly or weekly as a company? And do you already have enough photos, graphics and blog posts? Then you can also use our video content packages.


Would you like to set up and implement a social media content marketing strategy? But don’t you feel like doing this yourself? Or would you rather focus on what you are good at and with which you earn your living (with toppings)?

Content for companies offers various social media Content monthly packages in different forms. Because we also believe: Every company is different, every target group is different, and that includes a unique story. A converged media strategy tells this story of how you can present your brand in your way via different channels that you choose.

But what do such social media content packages consist of? You can interpret your content in many different ways: video and animation, graphic elements and photography, textually or another way. With the social media content packages from content for companies, you can be sure that you can express your content strategy. Exactly as you envisioned.

Do you prefer a mix of images, videos and blogs? Or are you thinking more about animation, video, win promotions and quotes? Or would you rather just video or just animation? All options are open! And customization is always possible.