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10 Ideas To Improve Content Marketing ROI

Written by Jesse Short

Content marketing efforts can be extremely frustrating if they don’t work for you. There are several creative ways to improve your content marketing strategy to produce better results for your business. If you have a positive ROA (return on investment) and earn more than $1 per dollar you invest, you’re in a favorable position and are poised for growth. The higher your ROI, the easier and faster it will be for your business to scale its marketing and sales. 

The shocking truth is: Often, ROI isn’t even calculated. It would help to track everything related to your marketing spend to see your ROI and figure out what works best. Implement the Blue Water marketing tips to increase your ROI and profitability! 

Focus on Increasing Your Income: 

While cost reduction may improve ROI, it’s a more intelligent decision to take action to increase your income. The benefits of increasing your income will outweigh any cost reduction. Investing your time and money into income-generating systems that will help you earn more money. If you’re setting up profitable strategies, you’ll be able to see significantly greater lead generation on the road. 

Received emails — Tools in this category are mainly focused on managing incoming emails from customers. These tools are mostly focused on one-to-one interactions.

Sent emails — Tools in this category are mainly focused on sending emails. These tools are used for one-to-many communication. You also have expanded capabilities to see things like open rates, click-through rates, and other metrics that a tool focused on received emails wouldn’t include.

Personal email — Tools in this category are mainly focused on managing a personal email inbox. They generally help automate sorting and sending and can even unsubscribe you from certain emails to make managing your own inbox less of a hassle.

Rarely, if ever, do tools cover multiple use cases. They’re too disparate and generally lack any amount of crossover. However, they may be used in conjunction with one another.

Identify Your Core Metrics: 

Determine which metrics matter to you the highest. If you’re selling anything, using a sales metric is essential. But you also need to measure traffic and qualified leads. 

Knowing that all traffic isn’t the same and having a target audience for your sales page will increase its ROI. Knowing which traffic sources are converting best for you will help you understand your target audience, improve your sales generation tactics, and convert more customers. 

Be obsessed with robust metrics. 

Metrics help you understand what is working and what isn’t working. Traffic trends, conversion rates, etc., can be seen. 

Google Analytics is essential for any webmaster. Google Analytics can help you identify which parts of your business are the most profitable. Using unique URLs, using Google’s campaign URL builder for every promotion on different channels you launch, will help you identify your top-performing campaigns. 

One way to track clickthroughs is to use a link shortener service like If you want to know where your traffic comes from, add a plus sign (“+”) to any link. 

If you’re running a self-hosted WordPress site, there is a free plug-in called Google Analyticsator that adds analytics code into every cinch page. Ultimately, the metrics you measure will probably improve, so spend some time figuring out which ones are important for your business. 

Create High Quality, Blog Content: 

Poor performing content requires time, effort, and money, and it’s like throwing all three of these resources in the trash can! It would be better to create evergreen content that is still relevant long after you publish it. 

Evergreen content isn’t limited to one season, news story, trend, or fads. However, this content category contains information that will remain relevant, true, and valuable for the longer term. You should continuously improve your content. You need to create content that’s high quality and evergreen. It will continue to attract traffic over time. 

According to Google’s Search Quality Rating Guidelines for websites, high-quality content includes these features: 


Beneficial content serves a purpose for readers. It should be valuable for them. They can be as simple as giving out information on a topic they’re interested in or as complex as helping solve a particular problem. 


Relevance in the content is essential. If your piece of writing isn’t relevant to the reader’s search intent for the keyword, they’re searching for, you won’t rank. 

Google wants vetted experts who know their stuff to appear in its search results, not non-experts. If you’re going to prove your expertise, authority, and trustworthiness in your content, you may need to tweak your content strategy to boost ROI. Think of this strategy as setting your content on autopilot. Evergreen content allows it to perform in the background while you focus on other things, which may be what you need to boost your content marketing ROI (Return On Investment). 

An example of evergreen content would be Aaron Orendorff’s guide to evergreen content on Copyblogger. This is also high-quality content. 

Experiment and Analyze: 

It would be beneficial if you tried out a variety of channels and campaigns to see which one works best for your channel.  

  • Email 
  • SMS 
  • The use of social media 
  • Advertisements on the Internet 
  • Mailing Lists 
  • Creating Content Marketing 

Make use of video: 

Every day, the average person receives over 84 emails! So, how do you keep your emails distinct from everyone else’s?  

Did you know that including videos in your emails can boost your conversion rates by over 21%? 

Facebook users watch over 100 million hours of video daily, according to Facebook! As a result, the video should be used to drive people to your website. Having a high-quality video encourages viewers to share your material, resulting in additional visitors to your site.

You can improve your videos by including text on the screen, which allows them to be watched without sound. You’ll also need a call to action to make sure you’re directing your target audience to take action that will lead to conversion. 

Discount Codes: 

Coupon codes are a great approach to entice potential customers to act; this is your call to action. You’ll be able to track which channels perform better than others. 

If you’re using an ad to promote your coupon codes, ensure sure the landing pages are optimized and of good quality. You’ll want to make sure that everything you’re advertising in the ad appears on the landing page without the user having to go looking for it. 

A unique discount code for each channel is the most excellent way to track which channel performs the best. After that, you’ll be able to use Google Analytics to study the data. 

Automated systems: 

You are behind the times if you have not begun automating. Automation can help you achieve greater efficiency and maximize your ROI by getting programs to do the work for you. Email auto-responders are one of our favorite sorts of automation; tools like Aweber may send email sequences at intervals that you choose! 

For social media posts, there are also several excellent automation solutions. Hootsuite is a popular option that you may use without spending hours each day on it. 

Topics of Interest: 

You must select what to write about when you have opted to generate high-quality evergreen content. 

Topics chosen at random will not suffice. Those related to high-volume, high-competition keywords won’t do any better. 

Instead, focus on themes that are: Useful and highly relevant to your audience’s requirements and interests for the best ROI. 

Low-competition keywords with SERPs that you can get into. 

You will be able to conduct more in-depth research on valuable, relevant topics tied to keywords after you better know your ideal customer. 

Begin with broad keywords or topics relevant to your industry, products, or services. 

Topics should assist people in some way or improve their life. 

Use keyword research tools to see how competitive a term is and whether you can rank for it. 

You can find relevant questions users ask around the given keyword using Answer the Public. 

KWFinder is a good keyword tool to utilize. 

This is only one way for locating relevant keywords on relevant topics. The most important thing to remember is to imagine yourself in the shoes of your target reader and what they’re seeking to improve their life. 


You must be constant after generating high-quality content and posting it on high-ROI topics. The better the returns, the more consistently you publish evergreen, valuable, and relevant material. 

Because Google’s algorithm looks for consistency, this is the case. Your readers feel the same way. 

Website UX: 

You must focus on refining your content strategy for a higher content marketing ROI, but don’t forget about your website. You won’t rank nearly as high with Google and viewers if you don’t have a good website functioning as your content center and brand headquarters. 

Readers must access your material straightforwardly to consume it, interact with it, and acquire something beneficial. However, if your site takes too long to load, has a confusing design, or has too many adverts and pop-ups, your reader may be unable to consume your content. These are obstacles in the way of your material. 

A good user experience, or UX, is a must-have. 

If you want to improve the user experience of your website and encourage people to read your blog headline, you can change the following: 

  • Improve the site’s speed, and the time it takes for pages to load. 
  • Interstitials and advertisements should be minimized. 
  • Redesign your page navigation to make it more straightforward, accessible, and logical. 

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