In this blog, we dig into the distinctions between contributing to a blog and creating strategies for content advertising. Clear comprehension of how these two processes work with one another, and how they fit into your promoting procedure is paramount for any brand. These concepts when properly identified within your marketing department can give direction and help identify unknowns. Not to mention it will help your media team understand how to create a seamless experience across your digital footprint.

What is blogging?

Blogging is the practice of keeping posts or building out pages on the website to present users with updates, insights, or new developments within an organization. The process of content marketing will usually be very interconnected with your blogging efforts since any content you make you can repurpose or present on your website

Publishing content to a blog is the demonstration of consistently refreshing a site page or site with articles intended to illuminate and draw in a crowd of people. A blog or ‘contributing to a blog is an extraordinary method for associating more with your interest group and giving them the data they’re looking for in regards to your offerings. Whether that be in reply to an inquiry they have, a testimonial, a tutorial, or extra data on their subject of interest.

What is content marketing?

Content advertising is usually referred to the creation and sharing of pictures, recordings, and text that is educational. Content marketing usually refers to multi-media experiences created to collect interest in an item or administration without being salesy. An essential showcasing zeroed in on conveying significant, important, and reliable substance to draw in and hold a characterized crowd – and, eventually, to drive productive client action.

Content advertising is a focused way to deal with promoting without fixates on price manipulation tactics like discounts. Waking content that will draw in the right sort of crowd for your business or brand eventually drives them to make the ideal move. Content advertising comprises a wide range of types of showcasing and can incorporate contributing to a blog.

How Great Content Marketing Plans Influence The Quality Of All Marketing Efforts

So since content advertising usually will incorporate keeping a blog and the terms are these days interconnected let’s think of a simple workflow and break it down within a hypothetical marketing campaign. We will see that blogging has been one of the oldest methods used for content marketing efforts, but in the new digital age content marketing can span anything from email to social posts.

Differences between the two processes:

  • In contributing to a blog, you typically expound on your services primarily with text, images
  • Content marketing typically expounds on what your potential client would be looking for on the web.

Planning Content Marketing Across Departments

Successful online marketing strategies can require teamwork and execution across departments. To lead others in creating great content great communication can help sell your vision. While a blog is usually at the heart of every content marketing plan make sure to use a bird’s eye view of every process.

Once you identify the best opportunities decide how to exactly communicate a content plan for your company both internally and externally. Get others within your organization to understand what you are saying, how you are saying it, and where you interacting with your customers.

These questions help explain the key concepts needed to understand content marketing.

What Are We Saying?
What is the point of this piece of content in terms of our brands goal? Are we providing information presented to the customer? Is it purely to build awareness of the brand? What is the concept or what do we want to make consumers feel?

How Can We Execute?
What media or images do we use to brand the company? What do we feature in our videos? Do we have enough images? How have we presented our services or sold our products in the past? How do we keep our content on brand?

Where Do We Showcase and Interact With Customers?
Where does our market get its information? What software, social platforms or tools are most commonly used for marketing within our industry? How do we integrate digital channels, email, blogging, website, and other other field marketing efforts to strengthen our brand?

How A Marketing Manager Successfully Plans Content Marketing Efforts

Examples of how content marketing can go beyond a blog are everywhere. Multi-media can be used to communicate with customers directly and options being created every year. This can be through social channels or perhaps emailed directly to consumers. Sometimes traditional media can fit within a content marketing effort as well.

Example 1 – Branded Website Content

Let’s assume you sell land or properties. If you are publishing content to a blog it  usually you would expound on the properties you’ve sold, write about the ones you are selling, or tell stories to build your personal brand. Content plans that ensure branded experiences will incorporate the companies logos, slogans, or other brand assets while incorporating existing sales strategies.

Example 2 – Information Marketing

So lets say you go further, you have read past blogs and link the missing pieces of what else you could elaborate on. Perhaps you realize your most popular blog could become a video, needs new graphics, or hasn’t been showcased on social media. Maybe you are familiar with going beyond blogging and creating media such as infographics. At this rate creating the content isn’t the hard part, its brainstorming what is relevant and organizing the best performing pieces.

Advanced Content Marketing Topics For Real Estate

Instructions to set aside cash while purchasing another home.

Instructions to pay no duties on a new home.

Lists of the companies offering the least expensive home loan rates and where to get them.

Entrepreneurs have a gigantic effect on their internet-based business when they center around giving value first and promoting sales second. Simply publishing content to a blog to sell is not enough, the ones who win the internet are the ones who create the most immersive experiences. By and large, media showcasing will better introduce your business to where potential clients are going outside the scope of your current reach. Composing blogs is a great way to sell with authority or influence the perception of your brand but it’s not the end of content marketing.

Content Matters For Brands Looking To Compete

Now that we realize the contrast between contributing to a blog and content promoting, how does this influence your marketing system and change your planning? if you are looking to increase your reach and better execute on media the team at Imig Communications would love to help! We create branded content every day for companies of all sizes. Although marketing tools and channels are more accessible than ever, solving the headache of searching through options and services can spend precious time.

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