Large meme accounts becoming private is one of the most incredible Instagram trends this summer. We investigate why more meme accounts are becoming private and whether this is a wise business strategy.

Many Instagram meme accounts are making their profiles private, one of the greatest (and strangest) Instagram trends to emerge this summer.

We look at why more Ig accounts are becoming private, if it helps earn you more followers, and whether it’s a viable business strategy.

What is the difference between a private and a business Instagram account?

There is a fundamental distinction between making an account Business and private.

Having a shared understanding is beneficial if you are running a business, your photographs are not personal, and you want to obtain Instagram analytics. If you want a private account, you should know that you cannot change it to a company or creator account. Those on your following list can also comment or like your posts.

Here’s a rundown of Instagram’s Business and private account options:

Instagram’s Business profile:


  • Receive Instagram insights (analytics) Increase engagement Switch to a business account Switch to a creator account Apply for Instagram ads
  • Promote Instagram posts Instagram private account Increase privacy Check users before allowing them to enter the profile
  • Make Your Instagram Account Private to Gain More Followers

Instagram’s Private profile:


  • This is the major one, and it is unquestionably the most significant. According to numerous prominent meme accounts, the primary reason they went private is to gain more followers.
  • The concept is that by making your account private when one of your followers sends a post to a friend, that person must follow you to see it.

On the other hand, if your account is Business, your friend might easily view the post in their DMs and then unfollow you.

There’s also the element of mystery. Going private on Instagram is similar to placing a red velvet rope in front of your account – it piques people’s interest.

Suppose someone comes across your profile and notices that you’re private yet have millions of followers.

There’s a good possibility they’ll click the follow button – after all, there has to be a reason why you have so many, right?

Going Private on Instagram Can Help You Retain Followers

A second (and related) reason why a large Instagram account would become private is to prevent their followers from unfollowing them.

When a user unfollows a private Instagram account, a pop-up appears asking them if they want to take that action and reminding them that they’ll have to re-request permission if they wish to reaches it. Many folks find it easier to keep going.

Taking Your Instagram Private to Protect Your Content

Another reason huge Instagram accounts go private is to offer protection to their content, which is especially necessary since new meme accounts are cropping up left, right, and center.

By making your account private, you get more control over who can see and interact with your information.

It’s difficult to judge how effective this method is at keeping other users from stealing your content, but being private gives you greater control over your account.

Furthermore, suppose you have a private Instagram account and ban a user. In that case, they will be unable to engage with your account (instead of a Business Instagram account that is still accessible from the web and other places). They choose to go private to gain more followers.

When one of their followers sends a post to a buddy, that friend must follow them to see it. However, if their account is Business, that individual will witness the DM post without following.

Going private also has a mysterious element to it. It’s similar to putting a red rope in front of your Instagram account to pique people’s interest. Suppose someone looks at your profile and sees that you have millions of followers while being private. They will most likely click the follow button, thinking, “there has to be a reason why this account has so many followers.”

Is it also a good idea to keep my Instagram account private?

 This is a difficult situation. They were going private works exclusively for extensive Instagram profiles. Because they already have millions of followers, all they have to do is keep posting fantastic material, and they will continue to expand. They are far too large to fail!

The nature of their content also determines it. Meme accounts, for example, are incredibly shareable. As a result, they expand by pushing their followers to share their content with others.

So this strategy works for meme accounts but not for other users like brands and businesses because your post will longer appear on the explore page. So you turn away from any different kinds of audience discoveries on Instagram.

While going private may be beneficial for large meme accounts, it can be detrimental for most accounts. If you don’t have an excellent Ig account, you should keep your account business because business accounts have more no followers