Social Media Gave Encore Consignment’s Sales A Lift

Imig Communications began working with Encore Consignment Gallery in November 2020.

“The experience has been great. I’ve never professed to be an expert. I called in an expert. We’re getting expert services,” says Encore Consignment Gallery owner Doug Strobeck.

Strobeck knew he needed effective social marketing that could consistently showcase the new, “gently-used” items that arrive weekly and bi-weekly at the Encore showrooms in Town & Country, Missouri and Kirkwood, Missouri.

With Imig Communications managing the direct line-of-communication to customers and potential shoppers through Facebook & Instagram, Encore Consignment Gallery has grown exponentially.

Encore? How About A Standing Ovation.

“Year-over-year, in terms of where we were and where we’re at, we’ve seen nothing but exponential growth online, with door traffic and with sales,” he says.

Encore serves “two masters”: consigners and customers.

The consistent content strategy executed by Imig Communications has grown both of those areas through sales.

The company has grown sales by 30% over the course of one year, no small accomplishment especially in the era of a pandemic.

“Suffice to say working with Imig Communications has been substantial to our business.”

The consistent & effective social marketing by Imig Communications has also helped grow web traffic. And the customer service is an added highlight for Strobeck & Encore Consignment Gallery.

“We especially appreciate that Pat knows the Internet never closes, it’s going 24/7 and when we need something done, it gets done.

The Right Solution To Your Digital Marketing Headache.

For most of us, marketing is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Whether you’re responding to customer inquiries through social channels or sending out a mass message about a new feature Imig Communications does just that. Automation and careful consideration for impactful campaigns is our mission. Hit the mark every-time with Imig Communications.

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