An enterprise SEO expert (also known as an “SEO specialist”) optimizes web pages to improve search engine rankings.

Many large corporations are investing in hiring specialist experts to expand their internal marketing teams.

Digital marketers specializing in search and possess the specific abilities required to succeed as enterprise SEO specialists are in high demand.

According to Conductor platform statistics, there was a 10% rise in search demand for keywords connected to SEO jobs in November 2020 compared to a year earlier (disclosure: I work for the company).

In this article, you’ll learn why you should engage an in-house corporate SEO, what type of specialist you might need, where to find the most pleasing prospects, what to look for in candidates, and more.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring an Enterprise SEO Expert?

 Search specialists are trusted consultants tasked with accelerating your brand’s growth and enhancing its position in key regions.

An Enterprise SEO Expert is a proponent of organic marketing in general. Unlike many other marketing disciplines, SEO is a team sport requiring strong collaboration among all parties involved.

Excellent communication and project management abilities are also required at the enterprise level. An in-house corporate SEO professional will coordinate cross-functional collaborations with other content, web, marketing, and UX/UI departments to ensure you’re visible when customers search.

In addition, your core marketing team will be rounded out by an in-house SEO specialist who will be in charge of your brand’s owned media.

What Impact Will Your Enterprise SEO Expert Have?

 How Will Your Enterprise SEO Expert Drive Success?

The following are some of the instant advantages of hiring an in-house SEO:


  • Increased content visibility leading.
  • Search results with a higher ranking.
  • Increasing conversion rates through click-throughs.

Your brand’s content will be able to rank on SERPs indefinitely in the long run.

Your SEO specialist will shorten on-page content optimization timeframes by forming efficient connections with content and web development teams while considering cross-functional relationships.

Your SEO expert will assist you in making all web-related endeavors more agile.

What Are the Current Locations of These SEO Experts?


  • SEO experts may be found in a variety of sectors and disciplines.
  • A brilliant place to start is with digital agencies.
  • SEO professionals often oversee technical activities for clients in various industries.
  • Some SEO experts may already be on staff, concentrating on content optimization and project management.
  • When interviewing these SEO experts, make sure they are entirely devoted to managing one brand rather than the dozens they could be responsible for in an agency setup.
  • Outside of large cities, there are pockets of excellent SEO talent.
  • Consider exploring other rising cities, such as those in the Midwest or other rural areas, if your team is remote-friendly.
  • While these SEO experts may have more freelance experience, they may have the technical skillset and expertise required to help your company succeed.
  • If you decide to recruit a remote worker, make sure that everyone’s schedules sync with the appropriate time zones.

The following are some of the most common interview panelists:

The Marketing Core Group:

Will this person fit in nicely with the rest of the marketing team?

Will they be able to help marketing meet the goals it has set for itself?

Consider bringing in your head of marketing or CMO to provide your application with a long-term view of how the company plans to evolve in the future.

Teams in charge of content and copy

What will this person’s strategy be for collaborating with content stakeholders?

What strategies will they incorporate SEO best practices into our content production process?

If your candidate has experience or an interest in content development, you’ll get bonus points for future content support.

 Technical Groups:

in terms of web optimization, comprehending the relationship between web development and UI/UX functions.

Your applicant can discover the most effective strategy to develop a successful partnership by meeting with technical teams.

Consider some of these SEO interview questions during your candidate’s interview process, depending on the SEO level you’re hoping to recruit.


These helpful hints and suggestions will guarantee that candidates are thoroughly vetted in technical, content, and team fit.


When will your enterprise SEO expert be able to begin?


Once you’ve found your SEO expert (congrats! ), you’ll want to ensure they’re ready to go with a thorough onboarding process.


What resources and technology stacks will they require?


Who should you promote your SEO expert too?


You’ll have a speedy ramp phase and impact your marketing organization much faster if you create an effective onboarding schedule.