Best Instagram Hashtags for Restaurants

Because hashtags are commonly overused on social media, the trick is to utilize the proper hashtags in the right context. Different hashtags and techniques can assist restaurants, pubs, and other food establishments. Find the finest restaurant hashtags for your brand and learn how to apply them correctly. 

Because each restaurant is distinct, the ideal hashtags for one may not work for another. Consider your specific restaurant, offerings, and the content you’re linking the hashtag to when selecting hashtags. 

Hashtags for Restaurants: 


Essential hashtags such as #restaurant, #bar, or #coffeeshop can be used, but they may not add much appeal to your posts. Instead, consider what makes your restaurant distinct and use those hashtags. 

Use hashtags like #VeganRestaurant, #VeganLifestyle, #Vegan, #PlantBased, #PlantLife, and so on if your restaurant is vegan, vegetarian, or offers options for other dietary needs. 


Use that information if your restaurant is an old-school Italian BYOB! Hashtags like #ItalianRestaurants have thousands of posts, which means thousands might see your material of people. 


You can also employ unique offerings to your restaurant or are linked to the material you’re presenting. If you’re posting about your happy hour special, the hashtag #HappyHour is an obvious option. Other promotional hashtags to consider include #DrinkSpecial, #LateNightFood, #OpenBar, etc. 


Hashtags for Food: 

Use hashtags related to the food you’re serving or the cuisine you’re posting about. You might be shocked to hear that popular culinary hashtags have large audiences – for example, #Pizza has 44 million Instagram posts, while #Sushi has 26.3 million. 


Use hashtags to identify people interested in what you provide if you serve a signature meal or a signature style of food. Everyone enjoys a nice food photo, so tagging a gooey piece of pizza with the corresponding hashtag is likely to grab some attention. 


Aside from food-specific hashtags, there are a plethora of gourmet hashtags that foodies adhere to obsessively.  


Try some of the popular food hashtags listed below: 



















Hashtags for Location: 

The goal of using hashtags and social media, in general, is to increase visibility to bring more consumers to your business.  


What better clients to target than those in your neighborhood? 


Using location-based hashtags can help you reach the right audience on social media. While someone halfway around the world may enjoy your culinary photography, they are unlikely to become paying clients. Use hashtags to get your restaurant in front of individuals in your neighborhood who are likely to visit it. 


You can use the location itself, such as #Philadelphia, or location + food hashtags when it comes to location hashtags. #PhiladelphiaRestaurants, #PhillyEats, #PhillyFoods, and so on are some examples. Enter your address. 


Some hashtags will be more popular than others, so look for hashtags with your locality to locate the best ones. Posting more posts increases your chances of being followed and seen by more people. 


Personalized Hashtags: 


Popular hashtags can increase the number of people who see your postings and, perhaps, increase your restaurant’s visibility. Branded hashtags, on the other hand, can be helpful. 

Branded hashtags are hashtags that your restaurant creates for a specific purpose. You could, for example, develop a hashtag with your restaurant’s name and encourage visitors to use it in images from their visit. 


This can assist spread the word about your restaurant because their followers may be interested in the food or other pictures they post and look into your establishment. This also aids in the collection of user-generated material; for example, if a client snaps a nice food shot, you may request that it be re-posted on your account. 


Many brands utilize hashtags to run contests. 

You may, for example, encourage guests to include your hashtag in a post from your restaurant to be eligible to win a free meal, a discount, or some other reward. 


How Can Hashtags on Social Media Help Restaurants? 


Restaurants are frequently found on social media for a variety of reasons, including: 


For starters, most businesses are, so it serves as social proof that your restaurant is legitimate. Second, it enables you to publish more information and photos from your business, securing your company’s aesthetic so that customers understand what you’re all about. Third, it is another marketing tool that will assist clients in finding your restaurant and learning more about it. 


Hashtags are beneficial because they allow your social media material to be viewed by a bigger audience. Only your followers will see it when you upload something on social networking platforms like Instagram. If you include a hashtag, everyone who follows that hashtag likes comparable material or searches for the hashtag will be able to view and interact with your post. 


Using hashtags may help you better your social media game and increase brand visibility and bring in new customers. The trick is to choose hashtags that are relevant to your restaurant. There are also best practices for using hashtags on social media. 

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