Instagram Strategy For Restaurants

Attracting new customers will never be your first goal as a restaurant owner—no matter which strategy you use. Marketing your business through various means is the right step toward achieving that goal.  

Social media accounts are a sure-fire way for restaurants to become famous. In today’s environment, practically every business needs to have a social media presence to develop. Let’s talk about it. 

Why Instagram? 

Getting “Instafamous” is one of the best methods to sell your restaurant on Facebook. Instagram is one of the most widely used social media sites. It has over one billion members, with more than 80% of those people following companies and eateries. Being “insta-famous” guarantees a rise in loyal customers because some of your admirers will test your establishment.  

As COVID-19 has made restaurant Instagram marketing vital for restaurants’ success, Instagram is quickly becoming one of the most significant ways to sell restaurants. Since the pandemic hit, people have logged into their social media sites more often. It’s only natural for restaurants and bars to target clients who are most likely to be found on social media (such as Instagram).  

People have been known to go out for dinner because of the different pictures on their social media feeds. As Instagram becomes more popular, restaurants use it to market their business. We’ve put together a list of 13 Instagram marketing strategies to get you started. 

Convert Customers Into Followers. To make it easier for your clients to locate you on Instagram, make sure your account is easy to find. Dine-in guests should be able to follow you on Instagram if your Instagram handle is accessible in your restaurant. Your account name can be printed on the menu or receipts, or if you have a cafe with a chalkboard menu, make sure your account name is written on it. 

You’ll gain consumers who routinely post on Instagram, which will inspire them to start capturing and sharing your photos on their accounts, resulting in a boost in your following. 

Two-Way Engagement With Followers: 

A restaurant’s Instagram is not just about attracting new followers but also about creating an atmosphere of community and loyalty among existing customers. Rewarding your followers is one way to accomplish this. You should be engaging online, responding to their comments, and posting pictures of your restaurant on social media sites where they’re tagged.  

An excellent way to reward your fans is by starting a contest for categories like the most creative photo, most appetizers ordered, or the most colorful photo. You could reward them by giving them a free meal, coffee, or a discounted meal.## Inputs 

Restaurant owners have realized that engaging on Instagram generates more customers and ensures return visitors rather than interacting on Facebook and Twitter. Instagram users are 3x more likely than users of other social media sites to interact with a restaurant. 

So, here are a few ideas for showing your gratitude to your customers while simultaneously enhancing your restaurant’s Instagram promotion. 

Comment on the pictures your restaurant has been tagged in.  

Create contests for your followers and clients to participate and reward their participation. 

Reshare your customers’ posts from their pages. 

Post Attractive Food Photography: 

Posting attractive food photos is one of the essential strategies for restaurants’ Instagram marketing. More than 60% of Instagrammers use their phones to take pictures of food before eating at a restaurant, so you need to ensure your Instagram feed is full of beautiful images of delicious dishes. You don’t have to hire a professional food photographer or even buy an expensive camera to master this art. Even though you may not need to put a lot of effort into taking your photos, you should still take some time to make them look good.  


Here are a few easy ways you can make your food photographs attractive and make your followers drool: 


  • Your food should be the main focus of your pictures. There should be no unnecessary clutter around it, which throws off the beauty of the actual food. 
  • Make your food look appetizing by using attractive dishes.  
  • Use warm lighting instead of bright lights; lightning can help your dishes go from good to great. 


Use Hashtags That Are Both Interactive And Relevant: 

Using relevant hashtags is a terrific approach to get people talking right away. Create an Instagram hashtag for your restaurant’s name and encourage people to use it when posting photos. 


Every time someone uses the hashtag, they promote your business for free to their followers! 




Hashtags are an excellent way to broaden the reach of a message. You can utilize numerous popular food-related hashtags in your post, such as #foodporn #foodies #igfoodies, etc. To reach out to a local audience, try using local hashtags. The hashtag #foodie, for example, is frequently used by people. 


Getting In Touch With Food Bloggers: 

Collaborating with bloggers or “influencers” on Instagram is an excellent method to get the word out about your restaurant. When it comes to food bloggers, they already have a large following of “foodies,” making it easier for you to reach out to the right audience. 


You can choose to work with well-known food bloggers in your area. This will assist you in attracting a local audience that is more inclined to patronize your Business. Invite the food blogger to your restaurant and ask them to write a review of the cuisine and service. 


Instagram Stories are a type of social media platform: 

Instagram stories are pretty popular among users! It’s a fantastic strategy to maintain consistent engagement while also marketing your establishment. You can show the Swipe Up option underneath the stories if you have more than ten thousand followers on your Instagram business page. To make the reports more actionable, you can include quick connections to your online purchasing portal, table reservation system, etc. 


Post regularly: 

It’s not enough to have an Instagram account. To keep your followers and potential clients aware of your presence, you must post frequently. 


You may use your posts to tell a story, which can help your feed look more appealing and enhance client interaction. 


Publish Paid Ads: 

Instagram for Business allows businesses to run advertisements and promote their posts to reach a larger audience. You can take advantage of this to broaden your audience. Instagram offers demographic and behavior-based targeting to help you narrow down your audience and ensure that the correct individuals see your ad. 


You can set the goal of your ad based on what you want to accomplish – do you want to expand your restaurant’s client base or increase reservations? Based on your objective, you can include a Call-to-action such as ‘Book Now’ or ‘Order Now.’ 


You may run various ads on Instagram, including Story Ads, Carousel Ads, Photo Ads, and Video Ads. 


Although you can handle your restaurant’s Instagram account on your own, it is highly advised that you engage a social media manager that is experienced with Instagram business accounts, understands PPC marketing, and is creative.. 

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