Why Local Video Marketing Is One Of The Most Effective Media Strategies

Local Video marketing is one way to reach out to a specific target audience. It’s one of the most affordable forms of digital advertising. A good video marketing strategy will generate high-quality leads TO improve your brand’s awareness within a local community. A well-designed regional video marketing strategy will help you improve your sales performance and increase your customer base faster than other digital media campaigns. 

If you’re a smaller business that wants to develop cost-effective marketing campaigns, your advertising budgets might be limited. Spending thousands of dollars on expensive video ads is difficult, if not entirely out of reach. However, local business videos won’t cost you a fortune before you let negative thoughts control your thinking. 

If you’re not taking advantage of video’s power for your business, you’re letting your competitors take advantage of your prospects’ attention. You’re missing out on many opportunities for increased sales if you don’t follow the latest trends.  

 Since you’re targeting a local community, you will not need to spend any money on running TV ads. Furthermore, since we’re experiencing the social media age, targeting your local customers via well-optimized social ads is a cost-effective way to get your message across. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most impressive local video marketing stats that show the true power of video. 


The main reason why I’ve decided to show you these video marketing statistics is that most local business owners aren’t aware of the fantastic potential that video has. Pay close attention if you’re an entrepreneur. 

  • More than 87 percent of digital marketers use video content in their marketing campaigns.
  • 51% of marketing professionals worldwide say that videos generate the highest return on investment out of all types.
  • Internet users retain 90% of a message while viewing a video and only 20% when they’re reading text.
  • 85% of American internet users watch videos online.
  • More than 500 million people use Facebook every day to watch videos.
  • 82% of people who use Twitter watch videos when they log in.
  • 92% of people who use social media share videos with their friends through direct messaging, stories, or posts in their news feeds.
  • 64% of people who watch branded videos on social media sites decide to buy something from the brand.
  • Videos generate 12 times more social media shares than text and images combined.
  • By posting videos on your website’s landing pages, you can improve your conversion rates by 80%.

Video is the most effective type of content currently dominating the digital marketing space. Since your local business’s success depends entirely on digital marketing campaigns, it makes sense to point your attention to video marketing immediately. 

The Main Benefits of Local Video Marketing: 

Let us now explore the specific benefits of video advertising to your local small business. 

  • Providing more information in a short time 
  • Capture and hold the attention of viewers 
  • You can provide customer support via video. You can use live chat software to help with customer service. Live chat software allows you to provide better customer service. 
  • Video communication is less intimidating than face-to-face or phone conversations 
  • Create custom content 
  • Share your message 
    Consumers should be engaged. 
  • Video is a personal medium. 
  • The video gives your name a face. 
  • You can have a quick turnaround time from concept to video. 
  • Video is easy to post, particularly on social media sites. 
  • Video is simple to edit and distribute while on the go. 
  • Video marketing has clear potential. 
  • This is an opportunity for local, small businesses to take advantage of. 
  • It’s as easy as setting up a tripod or purchasing a low-cost camera like a GoPro. 
  • The utilization of video content is simple. 
  • Video content is far more easily shared. 
  • Video content can be found via a search engine. 
  • Using video marketing to increase engagement is a good idea. 
  • Video marketing is a low-cost option. 
  • Creating a marketing asset that grows in value over time Promote authenticity and values Help clients get to know you, real-person-to-real-person Create a viral video marketing asset that gets attention. 
  • Create video material for absolutely no cost. 
  • Video material is engaging and memorable. 
  • You can reach a larger audience by using video. 
  • Creating videos is an excellent approach to establishing trust and credibility. 
  • Any camera can be used in your business. 
  • Customers benefit from video content since it supplies them with helpful information. 
  • Use this type of video to complement your blog and website! Video content draws attention. Video content develops trust. Video content drives conversions. 
  • Video content’s “visual” effect can help you get your point through. 
  • Video content is an essential component of any digital marketing strategy. 
  • Video posts can enhance time on site and engagement rates, while video advertisements can help businesses generate sales and leads. 
  • Shares, clicks, and conversions can all be influenced by video ads. 
  • By motivating Google to index more content, video content aids SEO efforts. 
  • Learning from videos is more convenient. 
  • Customers may view how the product or service looks before purchasing it. Video marketing converts traffic into sales. 
  • Use the video to show happy customer testimonials. 


According to statistics, internet users engage with video material more than any other media content. A video with hundreds of shares on prominent social media platforms can help a brand stand out. Furthermore, videos that end with a strong call-to-action (“let us know what you think in the comments below” or “identify three friends who deserve our products”) can generate a lot of social engagement. 

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