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Purpose-driven online marketing is about how you package it for customers. Quality digital content adds to your customer’s online experience. Serving and selling the customer often happens before they walk in the door.

Take It From Our Clients, We’re Trusted

If you want to grow your business, get people in the door, and increase your engagement on social media you need to work with Imig Communications.

— Jeff Fitter
Owner – Super Smokers BBQ

Since we started a year ago I can't say how happy we are with our social media sites and how they have impacted our businesses. People are finding out about us everyday.

— Jerry Kirk
Owner – Brookdale Farms

Imig Communications means marketing that is cost effective, high impact, and easy to execute. I would work with them time and time again.

— Kelly Quinn
State Director Best Buddies

We got the recognition we deserved! It was what we needed and our business has never been the same.

— Karmin
Co-Owner – Blue Duck STL

Local Digital Marketing Services,
More Content, Less Fees


Great brand culture can drive tangible business results. Regular content for relevant platforms delivers impressive results from our history of executing week to week for you. Our local digital marketing services are authentic to you and your fans. This means campaigns call for less Hollywood, thorough transparency, and more of what you do for your customers. Campaigns and collaborations are about what is relevant true to you.


Online presence and social has become a full time job where results are told to vary.  We deliver more and pride ourselves on what we provide to get results. In today’s climate where marketing companies love to sell complexity, our process is about what we can learn and develop for you. Effective communications means keeping a finger on the pulse of what your customers are saying and keeping you informed of progress step by step. This all happens while we make sure you don’t sweat the small stuff.

Digital Marketing Services

Full Service e-Commerce Development

 Our ability to help organizations move forward into the now of business grows every day. Great for e-Commerce, small to enterprise level websites and more.

Social Marketing

Stay up to date on the latest engagement trends and reach your customers with authentic content.

Digital Branding & UX Audits

Get research and insights on where you are and how to beat the competition — all backed by data you can trust.

We Love Social, Find Out Why

We believe that great culture is transformative. It aligns customers and shows them you have confidence in your offerings. When social media is done right it brings those values to life and enables better business outcomes.

For culture builders we also act as an employee/customer voice. Unlike passive solutions our social activates participation and drives measurable ROI. Closing the gap between the promise of satisfaction and giving proof of your values constantly through content means translating employee voice and recognizing customer needs.

This is no easy task but we ready to accept the challenge.

Be recognized.

Become a business that knows where its customers are going online. When it comes to experience our team doesn’t just have the know how, they have the will to help you become great. If you are ready for massive change or even if you can’t find answers to a particular question we can help. Contact our team today by phone or form.