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The Blue Duck restaurant made 2020 its biggest year ever by getting the attention of none other than Gordon Ramsey.


Our friends at Aerolidz had record breaking sales on Shopify in the off season. Full service solutions for e-Commerce can pay in big ways.


A staple local BBQ brand reinvented itself online with the same attitude it’s customers love. Multi generational marketing campaigns that work.


Learn how Brookdale Farms had the busies event booking year ever with Imigg Communications!

Jerry Kirk

Owner – Brookdale Farms

Kelly Quinn of best buddies was thrilled to have found a partner dedicated to reaching her goals with her.

Kelly Quinn

State Director

Martha was thrilled to find a partner who could work within the dynamics of a small business!

Martha Dawson

Marketing Director – Bella Milano

Our experience with food goes a long way. Sysco trusts the team at Imig Communications in a time where social can be everything.

Imig Communications is proud to work and partner with the PGA Tour for social and event marketing. 



Our background in media and sports broadcasting makes this a winning combination every year.

We believe in the experience best buddies provides and the mission it stands by.

Our work with local businesses like county flooring is done with the promise of service first.

Real results means real social recognition. Our friends at Bella Milano told us they were ready for real change, we delivered.

We can support any effort.