As an inbound marketing channel, social media has proven effective in recent years. Social media marketing has been proven to be effective for inbound marketers. People can share and promote content created by inbound marketing using social media.

As an inbound marketer, you need to attract, convert, close and delight your audience to obtain visitors and leads, so social media comes in handy at all these stages. Social media is an excellent way to attract new visitors to your site and keep existing ones there. See the illustration below from HubSpot to see how content marketing works.

 Social media is vital to inbound marketing:

 We will examine how social media can help the inbound market.


Helps inbound marketing by promoting content:

Social media enables you to attract new readers, return visitors, and increase traffic with your great content. A well-planned promotional campaign can help you achieve your inbound marketing goals quickly. An excellent promotional strategy should include the following:

 Owned Media:

You create this content, such as blogs, podcasts, social media posts, etc. You have complete control over your content. Paid Media: This is the content that you pay to reach your target customers, such as advertising and sponsored posts.

 Earned Media:

Your audience is the key player. The content they create, including reviews, social shares, and any other user activity, will help promote you.

 Help in finding content ideas:

You can use social media to gather ideas for content. For example, you could use Reddit and Quora to learn more about the kind of topics people are discussing and sharing. You can also lookup customer reviews, visit discussion forums, etc.

The points below shows different types of social media platforms that you can use to gather content ideas.

Social media monitoring tools:

They’re helpful before and after creating your content. You can use them to search for targeted keywords before creating your content and listen to what people share the most. Once your content is written, shared, and promoted, you can use them to track how your content is performing online. For example, to get a better understanding of your online presence to improve it.

 Provides a greater understanding of your audience:

Today, the amount of essential data available through social media can go a long way toward helping you understand your audience. You need to analyze your audience using the right analytical tools to understand who they are and what they want. Once you’ve done that, it will be possible to create content your audiences will engage with, and content search engines will love. For example, Google likes content that answers user questions.

 Social media helps with SEO:

If you want to create more search-engine-optimized content, here are some tips. Social media is helpful, and we can attest that it works. Social media has been used to help websites rank higher on search engine result pages. Why not you? (Why not? You need to use social media data (such as likes, shares, comments, etc.) to learn more about your target audience to create more search engine optimized content for them. Isn’t that easy? Of course, it’s true!

Social media helps in:


  • Build an audience
  • Links
  • Promotion


New opportunities through social media:

We use Hootsuite to create a listening page with search streams of blogs we’ve published. By doing this, you can see which people share the content you’ve posted.

Suppose we see the sharability of a piece of news content or hashtag by a particular segment is increasing. In that case, we take that as a growth signal and move quickly to capitalize on the opportunity before our competitors can. This way, we can get insights into groups or regions of people who are likely to be interested in our products and services. This helps us create unique content that helps us outshine our competitors.

Social media platforms offer different ways for companies to connect with their target audience.



We live in a time when social media is everywhere. You can’t ignore it, but you definitely can’t let social media get in the way of building your brand image. Stay up to date with your chosen social media pages by reading them regularly.

Social media is a wise use of time and energy by any company that wants to improve its brand, stay up to speed with the latest trends in the “work world,” and promote posts that help establish them as thought leaders in their industry.

Once you fully adopt a social marketing strategy, the valuable content you publish and your interactions with your audience establish your authority. You’ll find the ROI from your inbound marketing efforts will make them more effective and your bottom lines more profitable.